Event planners and their support staff spend a tremendous amount of time each week drawing diagrams. Too often event planners are not presenting their clients with the professional function plans they knew could help bring a vision to life and close a sale.

Using Event Layout Software, you can now create your own to-scale floor plans for your events after just 30 minutes of training!

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Create stunning 2D & 3D Function and Event Layouts by simply dragging and dropping true to scale furniture equipment onto the scaled plans of your function rooms. If you are an event management business and looking for a system to help create accurate and professional looking event layouts in a timely and efficient manner then watch the video. We supply the events industry and function venues scaled floor plans and easy to use software that allows you to create professional event layouts such as dinner dance, wedding or cocktail etc. Within 14 business days, we will create accurate floor plans, install the software on your PC and deliver training which includes unlimited support and training. Learn More

The Easiest To Use Hospitality Floor Plan Software – 100% Guaranteed


Paolo Macis

Our staff were often mistaken by what could fit and we were stunned to find that our perceived capacities were incorrect and space was underutilised. We were able to easily identify the best configuration to maximize our space. At the click of a mouse, different scenarios can be tested with a best fit often identifying an increase in pax seating.

Operations Manager, Australian Museum

Bernadette Serone

These added professional event services for your clients not only make life easier for the event manager, but signals to a potential customer that you are organized and better suited to managing their event than others. At Sydney Showground highly value our Event Room Layout Software.

Senior Manager Event Operations, Sydney Showground

Amy Stagnita

At Dockside we are using Cadplanners for streamlining the planning processes and improving client communications for event plans. We were amazed with their dedication to ensure we had a thorough understanding of their software and always respond immediately to any emails. We have been surprised by their quick response to developing new modules customised for our venue….we love it !

Sales Manager, Dockside Group

Diagramming and Seating Software

With Event Layout Software you can always be sure that your event floor plans are accurate – no matter the venue, indoor or outdoor. we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about using table planning software.