Event Layout Software-Free

Event Floor Plan Software-Free

Event Layout Software Free is a perfect opportunity to trial the software and its features.

For Hotels, Function Venues, Stadiums, Wedding Venues, AV Companies, Event Co-Ordinators and the like:
We ask that you send us basic plans for your venue so we can better understand the space and layout, this allows us to prepare function templates representing your space. The key to event floor plan software is accuracy, therefore we will ensure the templates of your function spaces are precise, accurate and to scale

For the Event Organiser / Festival Organiser: who require outdoor event plans, we will ensure the templates of your outdoor area is precise and accurate, truly representing the area so you can manage the space with ease. Therefore we ask you to send us the location of the outdoor space, if you have a simple Google image of the space that is enough for our team.

This ensures that when you drag and drop tables, chairs, dance floors, marquees, umbrella’s or any equipment onto the floor plan you will know for certain what will fit and how it should be placed onto the plan to ensure the best use of space.

Your floorplans will look amazing! Send them to us and we will digitize, scale and upload them to your account.


We understand the struggle of having to learn and adapt to new software which can take time and money, so we overcame this issue with a simple solution by introducing new methods of making your experience an easy one! We allow a free trial period for our Event Layout Software which enables our clients to experience the simplicity and efficiency our software can bring to their company. Event Layout Software’s innovative design supports users by employing a simple drag and drop method of your desired item onto the template from the inventory tab, including tables, chairs, plants, projectors, band equipment and much more creating a stunning event floorplan within minutes!


By trialing our Event Floor Plan Software it will enable you to experience the simplicity and freedom Event Layout Software provides to its user’s. Contact Us to learn more about our Software and our Free Trial. Have the ability to create accurate, dynamic floor plans within minutes making it simple to use and easy to create. Produce Function displays, Theatre style layouts, cocktail cabaret and many more floor plans using modern shapes and templates. Increase productivity with the easy to use inventory tab and make advanced Event floor plans easier than ever! Once your templet is completed for your event you may view it in a 2D or 3D environment bringing your area to life! Sign Up