Imagine how effective it would be to have the ability to create to-scale floor plans to send out to your prospective clients? Sending a professional floor plan to your client signals professionalism, it says ‘I can do the job and I can do it very well.’ Whether that be outdoor events, indoor events, corporate, wedding, conferences and more; Visio Table Layout Software has you covered and prepared to plan it! From the smallest event to an event catering for the 1000’s – Visio Software is easy to use no matter the size of your venue.

Don’t waste valuable time drawing plans on paper, in Paint, Word and so on. Our software is as easy to use as Paint, but with the power and accuracy of CAD.

What are Microsoft Visio smart shapes?
Microsoft Visio Smart shapes are icons that are created on a stencil and can represent any object (ie, round & rectangular tables, chairs, stages, dance floors, servery, people, piano, lectern, plants, umbrellas, marquees etc). We create customized smart shapes exactly as per the client’s furniture specs. For example if the venue uses a banquet chair 50cm x 55cm we customise the smart shape with these exact dimensions. This ensures the floor plan layouts created by the client are accurate. Taking Smart shapes one step further is making them ‘dynamic’. By adding ‘intelligence’ to these shapes gives the user flexibility to ‘right click’ and enter the number or chairs around a table, create a cabaret style or change the size of the table. Why not select 1 or 1000 tables, simply click on the auto number function to number every table on the plan in consecutive order with one mouse click.